10 Effortless Ways to Cut Calories, Not Taste, from Breakfast

By Lacy J. Hansen Try as we might, there’s no way to escape the science of calories. Every calorie counts and unfortunately lots of our favorite foods have too many calories. But don’t fret, life doesn’t have to be lived eating flavorless celery and lettuce. There are lots of great ways to cut calories without

About eliminating throat phlegm naturally

In place are several means on how to get phlegm out of your throat. One is probably well-known with that worrying feeling of being with mucus in the throat, which may make breathing very difficult. Phlegm/mucus within the throat is uncomfortable and results to bad breath otherwise other health troubles. Phlegm is jelly thick like

Eye Health And Extended Wear Contact Lenses

An ever growing number of people who wear contact lenses are turning to using extended wear contact lenses. There are many benefits to be realized through the use of extended wear contact lenses. Perhaps the greatest benefit to be realized from the use extended wear contact lenses is found in the fact that they are

Medical Issues with Cloudy or Strong Smelling Urine

Experiencing strong, foul-smelling or cloudy urine can be a very worrying experience, and can have a variety of different causes. Fortunately however most of the causes are not that dangerous to your health, and can be treated easily and quickly. In fact a lot of the time this kind of urine is caused by something

The Proper way to Eat Oysters

There is something sexy about eating oysters. This edible mollusc has been consumed by kings, queens, emperors and gods for hundreds of years.However, in our modern day, maybe it is just the satisfaction of seeing fellow diners squirm while you gulp them down, or the feeling of playing Russian roulette with the rare chance that

Tips for Buying an Electric Pan

An electric pan is convenient, even if you have a stove. It provides an extra cooking surface for large parties, allows people to cook outdoors at their homes or at cooking sites and can be a convenient way to cook for people who do not have access to a stove. There are many different electric

The Origins of Cotton Candy

Fairs have become synonymous with the melt in your mouth sugary flavors of cotton candy. Memories of childhood for many people include the sticky, sugary sensation of eating cotton candy. More than 100 years ago, cotton candy did not even exist. However, the origins of cotton candy directly correlate to the wide use of electricity

The truth behind those delicious homemade treats

When thinking about homemade cookies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The taste? How about the texture? Maybe the temperature (who doesn’t love warm cookies)? All of these things are very important in homemade cookies and treats.  Now think about what might go into creating those delectable treats. Most people will begin

The Origins of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

It is almost impossible to think of deep dish pizza and not think of its association with Chicago. Deep Dish pizza is deeply rooted in Chicago, and for the longest time, legends have abounded about who invented this unique variation on traditional pizza. Thanks to the work of Chicago’s cultural historian Tim Samuelson, some of

The true meaning of comfort food

Over the years comfort food has taken on a rather negative meaning. If you search for the words “comfort food” you will be bombarded with articles about emotional eating and the unhealthy foods that go with it. Then below those articles you will see a list of recipes for those unhealthy and often rich foods.