The Origins of Cotton Candy

Fairs have become synonymous with the melt in your mouth sugary flavors of cotton candy. Memories of childhood for many people include the sticky, sugary sensation of eating cotton candy. More than 100 years ago, cotton candy did not even exist. However, the origins of cotton candy directly correlate to the wide use of electricity

The truth behind those delicious homemade treats

When thinking about homemade cookies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The taste? How about the texture? Maybe the temperature (who doesn’t love warm cookies)? All of these things are very important in homemade cookies and treats.  Now think about what might go into creating those delectable treats. Most people will begin

The Origins of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

It is almost impossible to think of deep dish pizza and not think of its association with Chicago. Deep Dish pizza is deeply rooted in Chicago, and for the longest time, legends have abounded about who invented this unique variation on traditional pizza. Thanks to the work of Chicago’s cultural historian Tim Samuelson, some of

The true meaning of comfort food

Over the years comfort food has taken on a rather negative meaning. If you search for the words “comfort food” you will be bombarded with articles about emotional eating and the unhealthy foods that go with it. Then below those articles you will see a list of recipes for those unhealthy and often rich foods. 

The most popular fast food choices

Everyone goes to fast food restaurants with the excuse that they’re convenient and fast. Actually, you usually hit the drive thru window because you have had a sudden craving for something salty or sweet. French fries are probably the favorite fast food treat. Hot, salty, and a little greasy, they satisfy all of your cravings

The seven golden rules for better gilling

Grilling is just one of those skills that, while simple in concept, is easy to miss the little things, and in grilling the little things are what separate an average meal from a great one. Here are the seven biggest changes you can make to improve your grilling and become the master of the backyard

Hummus Recipe is Easy and Enjoyable

In my past, I was been an addict of eating chips. And one day my father tells me those there 10 worst foods that most people eat and that one is chips. In fact, I realize that it was the right time to start the eating clean habit. Nowadays, Rice Crackers can be purchase and

Rice in Different Parts of the World

Apart from the economical and food reasons, rice production has become an important part of many cultures. Rice is not just used for eating purpose, but also it is used for artwork industrial starch and many other purposes. In china, rice has become an important part of their culture. Since more than 3000 to 4000

Landing a Job in Insurance Company

If you are one of the people that are really putting an effort to land jobs in insurance companies then there are some things you can follow to set things straight. Before applying for a job in an insurance company you should visit some insurance courses beforehand as they are there to prepare you for

Specific Ideas for Elegant Wedding Photography

There are several styles of photography needed for wedding photography. In our previous blog, we have discussed the general style of elegant wedding photography in some detail. In this post by the wedding photographer, we will explore a very specific example of an elegant wedding photo. This one, unlike most of our examples, does not